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2023BD's Build

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I have spent way too much time looking into what I want to do to my 2023 Forte GT 6spd and can never find the info I want a month later. Because of this I am just going to put all the info in this one place. Everything I am going to list is my personal taste in how I want my vehicle. Since I am over 50 I don't want something low that sucks to get in and out of or that can't handle a pothole. I also don't want to draw the attention of police with too much noise. I want everything I do to be easily reversible in case I need to use the 10/100 powertrain warranty.

Spark Plugs - stock 18849-08080 (NGK 97080 - SILZKR8E8G) heat range 8. Gap .031(stock)

AFE closed intake 56-70005R - This keeps intake charge as cool as possible and sound quiet. - Done
Takeda Momentum Cold Air Intake System w/Pro 5R Filter | aFe POWER

Racechip GTS - with app for map setting and XLR throttle controller - Done
Racechip XLR - throttle controller - Removed
Performance chips – Chip tuning by RaceChip for Kia Forte III 1.6T 2019-2023 (150KW) | RaceChip

Evilla Midpipe with resonator - lets me keep second cat safe in garage and sounds perfect - Done
Kia Forte GT Midpipe Exhaust 2020-2022 – Evilla Motor Sports

GFB T9111 - Recirculating blow off valve, not loud since it's not vented to atmosphere.- Done
Pierburg BOV solenoid - 7.28197.16.0 - Removed
Product Search - GFB Performance turbo tuning products Turbocharger Boost Control Valve - 7 28197 16 0 : Automotive
N75 Race Valve BOV Solenoid Valve Upgrade Kit (Pierburg) – N75 MotorSports Ucreative 5FT High Temperature Silicone Vacuum Tubing Hose Black (5/32" (4mm)) : Automotive

Amazon catch can without bronze micron filter - I am only going to go between the pcv and intake manifold. Cheap option I plan to test this summer - Future RULLINE Universal 350ml Oil Catch Can Tank 0046 Aluminum Polish Baffled Reservoir Black : Automotive
Add W1 V3 catch can - more expensive version with better baffle design, might get if Amazon can does not work good. - Future
For Kia Forte Baffled Oil Catch Can Kit V3 2019-Up – ADD W1 or Baffled Oil Catch Can V3 custom configuration-Universal – ADD W1
10 feet of NBR fuel line - Amazon can comes with garbage hose - Future

Lower mount bushings - helps with wheel hop. I have one of the Whiteline KDT970 in the rear spot and one of the yellow Powerflex PFF26-120 in the front position. Using both Whiteline creates too much vibration for me and both Powerflex are not durable enough. - Done
KDT970 Trans mount insert – Whiteline USA (
Hyundai Veloster N, I30N, ELANTRA N (2017+) Engine Lower Torque Arm Bushings | PowerflexUSA
Upper engine mount bushing insert - No additional vibration - Done
Hyundai Veloster Upper Engine Mount Insert | PowerflexUSA
Upper trans mount insert (metal plate requires trimming)- Done
Hyundai Veloster Transmission Mount Insert | PowerflexUSA

Wagner tuning intercooler - new design with shields 10hp stock up to 20 tuned - Future
Wagner Tuning Intercooler 1.6T – N75 MotorSports
WAGNER TUNING Competition Intercooler Kit Kia Forte GT — Panda Motorworks

Hot pipe resonator delete - Future
Hot Pipe Resonator Delete – N75 MotorSports

Eibach 22mm rear swaybar E40-42-046-01-01 - simple upgrade that transforms most fwd cars - Done
REAR ANTI-ROLL Kit (Rear Sway Bar Only) (

235/45/17 Michelin PS4S, Continental ECS02, Continental DWS06 Plus - I don't like the short sidewall on the stock 225/40/18 plus this size is slightly wider - Done
17x8 48mm offset wheels under 20lbs - Done

Veloster N Short shifter - I want the tall height but shorter throws - Done
2019-up Veloster N Short shifter adapter ADD W1
JBR 2019+ Veloster N Short Shift Adapter - JBR - Aftermarket Parts & Accessories (
Cable bushings and shifter base bushings - just tightens it up - Base done
Bushings Hyundai Elantra GT, GT sport / Veloster Turbo - ADD W1™

Porterfield front pads AP1855 R4-S - Future
Porterfield Brakes AP1855 - Porterfield Brakes Official Site (
Porterfield rear pads AP1813 R4-S - Future
Porterfield Brakes AP1813 - Porterfield Brakes Official Site (
Brembo high carbon front rotors 09.D428.11 - Future
09D42811 – Brembo Store USA
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire
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Well thought out. I need a quickjack in my life.
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After seeing a few issues with Whiteline rear sway bars and Whiteline endlinks breaking I decided I should stick with what I know - Eibach REAR ANTI-ROLL Kit (Rear Sway Bar Only) - HYUNDAI Elantra GT 1.6L Turbo Hatchback ( I am going to go with the Eibach 22mm rear sway bar for that reason along with a couple others. I am not a fan of the stress the second set of mounting holes cause on adjustable bars and I do not like the clamps that have to be added to some to keep the sway bar centered. The Eibach design has the stops formed with the bar and is not adjustable. Here is a picture of a 22mm Whiteline bar that snapped on Veloster.
View attachment 91343
Looks like a combination of car too low and incorrectly installed rear sway bar.
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If you look at that swaybar the metal inside looks like sugar.. I think the heat treat went wrong.
Could be....but I'm sure the owner of this sway bar lowered his car excessively and cheap'd out on not getting adjustable endlinks. It looks like it was binding. That car must have been very bouncy and rough on the street. Had mine for 3 years. No problems.
Where did you get the Eibach sway bar from?

The Eibach website SUCKS! I try to find the sway bar and all I get is springs:

View attachment 91448
Probably got it searching for the Elantra.Lift Kits, Lowering Springs, Race Springs, Shocks & Sway Bars
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Let me know how the BOV install goes. Got mine today. I’ve seen it’s kind of annoying as the best way to do it is from the bottom.
It's not too bad. Another way is to remove the air box, unplug the wire harnesses on the intercooler pipe, disconnect the recirculation pipe, loosen the clamps on the intercooler and throttle body and extract if you don't want to crawl underneath the car.
The easiest way is putting it on a lift and remove the undertray.
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