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2nd Dallas, Texas Meet 2010

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Hello everyone!! here is our 2nd Dallas, Texas meet :)

Dallas, Texas Meet
Texas Motor Speedway
May 1st, 2010

Bus Lot

There is four classes, i'll be on 1/1R which is under 2.2L
I would recommend to bring a chair, sunscreen, hat, water but DO NOT bring any alcohol beverage, because its not allow.

8 AM – 9 AM Check-in, Registration, and mandatory Tech Inspection
(You must arrive in time to have check in and pass tech inspection prior to 9 AM)
8:15 AM – 9:30 AM Course open for walking
9:15 AM Novice Meeting (mandatory if new to NTAXS events)
9:30 AM Drivers Meeting (mandatory for all)
9:45 AM First car out
(45-minute lunch break between morning and afternoon heats)

Here is a picture of our sucessful 1st Dallas, Texas meet 2010.

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if you have ideas of what to do or where to do it next time, let me know.

26 views and not 1 reply?? wow
I'll reply!! :D
haha thanks bro, im just surprise the outcome of this thread.
ill be there im a new koupe owner and id love to meet up with some others and get some ideas for what to do...see yall there
Perfect, i have send you an PM.
Yay! Another one joins the group! :D
wish i could join but too busy for a 3 hr drive. hopefully next time! cheers
I understand Aidensgrand, dont worry but for sure you have to be at the Texas Meet, that one is gonna be insane!!
Oh so this is just for Dallas area? And ya I'm definitly gunna go to the Texas meet. I can't wait to see all of the cars! I've got a couple more mods before then:)
yeah, i usually do local meets here in Dallas. more and more people are showing up in dallas, specially with the Kia new models(soul and Koup) which brings more excitement. ohh also i'll try to bring couple tibs to show up on the Texas Meet.
I really want to come. I just got my new racing red koup and thats right down the street from a friends house :D What do yall do just talk?
We do meet and greet because everytime i do meets, there is always someone new.

What i have done on the past is, head to a gas station while we wait for the other to arrive we kinda talk about each other, that way we can know each other. Once everyone arrive we head to a nice spot where we can take some pictures with all the cars and then go to a rest or something like that to have a nice time with everyone, sharing experience and knowledge about our cars.

Now for the Texas Meet im planning to do something a little bit more exciting but that still on progress.
i know this will sound real dorky, so bare with me, but ive always thought it was cool when i saw another car like mine on the road or two cars like mine on the same road. so far, i havent seen 1 forte on the same highway or street as me. i saw 1 corsa blue SX going the opposite way on the HW and thats it. here's where it gets dorky haha i think it'd be soooo cool to like go downtown and just cruise around after we've all met somewhere and done pics and talked. even if its not all just forte's just the same make. ive always thought it'd be really cool. but thats just an idea hahaha
you mean like cruise around downtown? that could be something we can do, Downtown dallas is not that far from where we will be meeting, if everyone have some time to spare and agree with that idea we definitely can do it, i'll need a co-pilot to take some driving pictures, that could be awesome.
Now thats an idea. And come to think of it i havent seen any forte on the streets but mine.
my brother owns a red SX Forte :)
well i know that on the texas meet, i will being taking that whole day off haha but ya ive always that it'd be fun to do that.
I think I will ask off for the whole day from work too :D I got a co-pilot that can take pictures out of the sunroof :p
1 - 20 of 98 Posts
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