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3 Issues - 1 not being fixed

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hey guys, we've had our EX for about 3 months now and totally love the car.
I have come across three issues which have sent me back to the dealership twice so far.. and one more time for the actual replacement.. here's my story.

1. the glue/connection on the steering wheel seems like its either coming apart or not put together properly, so i feel a "bump" along 1/3 of the top of the steering wheel. This may be a manufacturers defect, but since it's in warranty I asked the service center to replace the steering wheel, because i don't want the slit to open up any further or cause issues down the road
-- First visit to service center, technician said they can't find a code so they can't do anything and/or if they replace the wheel, the other one might have the same problem also...
-- i called and tried to speak to the warranty manager. The technician called and left a msg saying he is ordering a steering wheel

2. My satellite Radio has been saying "Loading Sirius" for a month and I have not been able to use the radio at all.
-- First visit to service center, they didn't do anything except Technician said my subscription ran out...i pointed out the TSB about the radio needing an updated firmware, and after about 10 calls, and providing them with my current sirius subscription, they agreed to replace the radio
-- no eta when it will be replaced, so my trial might run out

3. The front passenger door has an issue when being unlocked first time int he mornings. After double clicking, all doors unlock, except the front passenger.
-- first visit to service center, they told my wife how to unlock the car door.. i've owned cars for 15+ years and all had poor door locks, so i actually do know how to lock and unlock doors
-- tech said they can't find a code for the problem
-- before the second visit, i took a video of the issue and sent it to the tech. For those of you who are interested, i posted it on youtube here:
-- in the video, the door opened on the third attempt, but normally it would not open until i lock the doors and then unlock them all at once
-- after the 2nd trip to the service center, they still "did not find a code" and so they said they can't do anything about it..

so, i think for 1 and 2 i'm covered, but #3 is an actual problem that can be reproduced which i have proof of, but they refuse to fix it.. so any suggestions?
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you sure you dont have a stick seal around the door??
Normally the thought of doing 'interweb diagnostics' makes my skin crawl, but your video is pretty obvious there IS a problem, and for the tech to say he "can't find a code for it"... come ON... like... really.

Situation #3: Appears to require part number 826651M000 (inner door handle parts, the exterior handle pulls on it, and activates a cable that runs to the actual 'open latch'). I would also replace 826511M050 (exterior door handle) just for good measure, but it requires painting body colour so it's going to take time to prep for repair.

This is assuming you have NO issues with the inside handle, and it opens every time. As for the exterior handle does it 'feel' any different in action from when it works to when it doesn't? May also be a 826651M000 as well, depending on the answer to that question.

As for Operation Codes, the tech will do a 81310R00 and a 82650R00 plus a sublet for paint, and 'tada'... Now, those part numbers are international, so they will work where ever you are. The Operation codes are what I have in Canada, and I have no idea if they are valid anywhere else...

Hope this helps... if nothing else it'll aim the tech in the right direction to find the codes...

What 'codes' does he need to find, anyways? Scanning the door for DTC's?!?!?! *sheesh* Just do the job and let your warranty administrator figure out how to get paid.
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KiaTech, I wish you worked at my local dealership.
Ya me too x2
Wow, your dealership sounds horrible. I went in because my trunk weatherstripping was misaligned causing it to rip...they ordered me a new weatherstripping and it's done now. I imagine your dealership would say "well i looked at it and it looks like it's a problem but there's no code so we can't do anything"
glad kiatech got in on this one, my suggestion was go to a different kia dealership.
hey thanks guys! You know, for the radio issue, i pointed the tech to this site and said other people have reported the issue as well and to check out the site if he has any questions but apparently they didn't wanna do that.

But to answer your question, KiaTech the issue happens in the morning, and it only happens on the front passenger door. What it feels like is that the door is still locked so when i try to open it, nothing happens.

One thing i did not try is to open the drivers side door, and then try to open the passenger door from the inside. I will do that tomorrow morning.

I REALLY felt stumped when they tried to find a cosmetic manufacturers defect with a problem code on the steering wheel. They could SEE the problem and FEEL the problem, but said they can't do anything because there is no problem code.

My wife refuses to go there anymore because the first time she had to stick around for about 4 hours and they told her nothing can be done cuz they can't find problem codes and the last time, she was there for about 7 hours and they told her radio needs to be ordered.

So once this is all fixed (at least the radio and steering wheel) i will definately look at another dealer. I got a really good deal on the Forte EX at this dealership so I decided to try their service center as well. Considering it is about 40 mins away plus a $4 bridge toll compared to a local one which is about 15 mins away down the freeway, i don't think i'll be going there for long.

thanks guys, I'll copy and past KiaTech's response to my tech and see what he has to say.

One thing i wanted to point out about the video above is that in the video, the door did open on the third attempt, but normally it will not open at all unless i LOCK and then UNLOCK all doors (double unlock)
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I have the same problem with my passenger door. It seems to have gotten worse the colder it has gotten. The door shows to be unlocked, but the handle won't open the door. It will eventually open if you pull on it enough, but that's really annoying. Hopefully my dealer won't argue and will just fix the problem...
did you tryed a faster doubleclic? i've seen on video that you clic time longer the second one...i'm going to try mine too as having an EX too
you must call the sirius for trial to keep up with the time that you don't have it
checked!mine is good...
hey tccris, what i didn't show in the video is the other doors open fine.. and it REALLY is a problem with the door handle, not me not doubleclicking properly.. As for the radio, its a problem with the radio, not my subscription. I've talked to Sirius and they have sent a signal to the radio but it doesn't get to the point of receing a signal cuz it can't communicate with the satellite.

Kiatex, feel free to use my video as an example to show the dealer... i still haven't got mine fixed, waiting for the door handle, they are going to replace my steering wheel, stereo and door latch/handle all in one visit (i hope).. by the way, good luck, i hope they don't tell you to "double click" to open passenger doors. That's what they kept telling me and i called corporate and then then the manager of services called me and said i have to double click.. and then i let him have it :)
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