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40 psi tires = 35 MPG!

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Yup, finally hit 35 MPG today. At the beginning of this tank, I aired tires up from 32 to 40 psi. I was thinking it would make for a harsh ride and such, but it's actually a little smoother and cornering has really improved.

But one thing I didn't expect was the increase in MPG!

32 PSI same trip to/from work @ 60 MPH = 31.90 MPG
40 PSI same trip to/from work @ 60 MPH = 34.97 MPG

Disclaimer: I do not represent, do this at your own risk, yada yada yada.
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i get about 30 if im lucky! i usually avg btw 25-28 but that's cuz i have places to be son and i like hearing my CAI roaring at the other drivers to move the eff over!

but my psi is at about 34
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