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Arkansas where you at??!
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I'm down! Fort Smith/Van Buren Area!
So you guys wanna meet like somewhere in little rock or what?
Let's vote.
i might be able to do hooters. is that the one over kinda by McCain?
yes that's the one.
for those further away what is a good date?
Are we going to Hotters this weekend?
idk man, we gotta get some people other than just me and you!! haha
depending on when it is i probably can come.
Any friday or saturday will work for me.
Any friday or saturday will work for me.
hmmmm. february 3,4, or 10 works for me (in the next 2 weeks)
I'm ok on any of those days.
Come on. If your mom does not let you go to Hooters we can meet in another place.
aight, no more pussy footing around, the weathers getting nice lets do this! lets do it this saturday at hooters.
Lets set the time!!
21 - 40 of 96 Posts
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