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Arkansas where you at??!
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Great, I'll be there around 6.
F****CKKK!!!! something came up and i can't make it. sorry guys.
Come up to northwest AR guys :D
we were so close to make it happen.
I'm still going if anyone else wants to, I have a couple friends going on case no one else shows.
I´ll try to be there around 6:30
Ill be there soon! Hooking up leds to headlights real quick
We gonna try this again sometime? I'd really like to haha
Any of you guys going to the nationals?

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I would like too! Military makes it more difficult though so we will see.
I am.
Whats up guys?? Lets get something legit going :)

me and my crew are hosting a car show the 14th of july

check out the link!
Dude I'm down for a meet or something haha and I'll definitely check out that car show for the 14th. I should be around
I'm in guys
Let's make it happen.
You guys thinking about going to that meet at fort smith that Arismun is talking about? We should all go, it sounds like it would be pretty sweet. And its for a good cause. This weekend will be my last available weekend to meet up for about a month or so because I go on leave and go back home to NH for a bit:)
I'm planning going to, but I think this is on July 21
I thought it said 14th unless weather doesn't cooperate, then its the 21st?
61 - 80 of 96 Posts
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