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Arkansas where you at??!
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I'll be there.
Bump, any of you guys wanna meet up at Hooters in NLR?
Sometime on the weekend or something..

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I hope we can get more then 2 to come, any day will work fine for me.
I'm game. I get paid friday so I'll be good. Whenever you guys can! So thats many others can we get..hmm
Hooters tonight or..?
Does anybody want to get together tonight or something? Cant believe we havent done this yet haha
Anything ever get put together? First time I've actually looked in these threads. I'm up for something if we get more than a couple people confirmed. Big Cardinals fan here, so a game night would be awesome.
been trying to get more than 2 at hooters no luck so far, I'm in any weekend.
Theres a car show going on Nov 4 in Little Rock. heres the link! i would love to see lots of fortes out there!

Fall Team Bash ARKANSAS! NOV 4th 2012 | Facebook
I like the sounds of this
Car meet coming soon! Fort smith

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Hows it going everyone!? Im a new forte owner in the rock!
81 - 96 of 96 Posts
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