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AC Blows - no other controls

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AC Blower works.
Have no control over the heat/cold
No control over air direction (max, upper vents, floor vents etc.)
AC button doesn’t work
rear defrost doesn’t work
Recirc button doesn’t work.

is there a way to trigger it to stay on Max AC all time? Can I jump two of the wires to trick it to stay on?
It’s Florida. We don’t need heat.
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Welcome to forteforums.

Did this just happen? Was any work performed prior?

Sounds like an electrical connector is loose OR a fuse is blown.

Time to look at your fuse boxes - use your owners manual and look up the fuse box locations.
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Check to see if the wire harnesses, plugs aren't shorting out or not connected correctly.

The AC/HVAC assembly control until is know to over heat causing connection problems softening the plastic plug, socket wires/pins become loose, burn or short out.

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Check the circled areas of the HVAC control aren't burned, loose, warped plastics. Solder connections can come off/loose causing no operations.

May need to disassemble & see if the soldered knobs connections aren't loose or need to be resoldered
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Thanks for the guidance. I bought a replacement HVAC control on ebay thinking that was it. No dice.

For a while, it would come on and work for a little while, then shut off. Lately nothing at all.

I checked the fuses, and the fuses are fine. (left side by driver's door).

I just checked the power at the fuses, and found no power on the top three fuses on the left side. Now looking for a wiring diagram to see if there is a relay or something before the fuse that i need to locate.
Sounds like you're going to have to trace some wires. Good luck with that.
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