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Howdy all

2.0 5sp manual owner here.
When changing to 3rd; if I start accelerating a tiny bit (or more) 'early', before letting the clutch out completely, the acceleration stops for about .5 of a second before picking up again normally, regardless of throttle position (I am talking 'still accelerating).
I'm not the greatest driver in the world by any means, and unless my timing is perfect the above happens.

Not a major hassle, and if it's just a design feature or result of specific sensors for the drive-by-wire (for example), then no hassles and my fault for not being a better driver I guess. It did happen (much more slightly) twice changing to 2nd, but the 'window' between raising the revs and letting clutch out is much MUCH bigger than what I'm experiencing to third. Doesn't seem to happen in any other gear, when I tested. Happens, hot or cold.

It's happened since day one, mileage is 1066km now. Anyone else getting this?
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