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ACCIDENT! 2 grand to spend help me

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So Ive had my 2011 koup for 3 days. Badass little car! I just got rearended! No real damage other than 2 holes inthe lower (plastic) part of my bumper. The girl is giving me 2000 (CDN) to fix it. How much do you think that piece will cost to replace? Im going to kia tomorrow to make sure there is no internal damage, and to price it out but i figuredmaybe someone here would know?

Now here is my dilemma.... If i have 1500 left over, Im getting the ROADRUNS grill, but what else? I have stock rims, so a bodykit may look dumb? Unless you guys have the connection or a price for the type R kit?
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I think aiden had this happen to him might be 70? Dollars
Tint definitely, and how about a spoiler! Sorry bout your car.
That sucks to get hit in only 3 days with the car. You said the girl is giving 2000 so I see this as not contacting the insurance. Make sure that covers the damage since there will be no return for more money if needed. Get it fixed first then see what is really left.
The rear lower bumper cover is listed as $229.84 on the invoice from my insurance company, but it may cost more at retail. Please be advised to check you absorber that is under the bumper as well. Hope this helps.

Don't forget above the cost of the bumper you'll have to pay to have it painted to match the rest of your car. Don't be shocked if it's a bit over the 2k... I was in an accident like that several years ago, it's not cheep..
Did she hit just the diffuser (black strip at the bottom) or your entire bumper (body colored piece)? If it's just the diffuser, that's a cheap fix. The whole bumper will be much more expensive.
ya the rear diffusor is like 57 bucks or something. you def got the better side of this if she gave you that much money lol and its something you dont need to take to a shop. it comes in that color and then you just jack the rear up and take the old one off and new one on :)
I want someone to just tap my bumper.... "thats what she said" lol. but I should be careful what I wish for..
I got rear ended during week 1 too :( no dammage or compensation for me tho...mixed feelings lol she cracked her grille tho :)

Id vote tint if you have money left over, or several small items you may otherwise have to wait for (tint, cai, chrome or whatever)
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