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There's really nothing wrong with your amp kit.. you don't need anything more if you are simply running power and turn-on to the amp, and speaker wires from the speakers to the amp. The kit is rated for 1000watts, but 8gauge at that distance should really only be used for 500 watts.

You will likely want to buy a good set of metal self-tappign screws to mount unit solidly, and perhaps even some grease or wd-40 to spray on the mount holes to as corrosion protection if the screw holes penetrate to the out side. Also, make sure you mount it somewhere that doesn't screw into the gas tank! You may also want to throw a few coats of paint over any outside protruding holes you make.

Most installers also add a rubber grommet when running cables through the firewall and spray the area with a corrosion protectant.

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