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adding and amp and sub

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I am trying to add and amp and sub . Im not sure if the stock head unit has rca . Has anyone added and amp and sub to their forte 5 .

Now since it being a hatch am very positive that what ever sub i add it will hit louder and harder than on a sedan .
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first off it's all about install when it comes to how loud it is. and no. stockhead unit doesn't have rca outputs. there are very few vehicles with rcas on the stock headunit.
Get a LOC and a good amp and sub combo you can then get a good sound. Dont know what the forte 5 will sound like with a sub, but i will assume you will need install noise dampining material like dynamat or something comparable.
For dampning your panels you should read this
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I always start with a good head unit then continue to build from there. I wouldn't try to start with an amp and sub.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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