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I have been enjoying my Koup EX for the past 6 months and after months of research I have decided on a few mods. However, I just have a few questions before I get them underway. Note* I'm not a car buff although I am not an idiot either.

First off I have ordered the "K" badges off the internet. I have already read the DIYs for debadging and rebadging and I am pretty confident. The back seems simple enough, Blow Dryer, Goo Gone, Credit Card or Dental Floss. Then the same for the front plus unscrewing the 4 top screws from the grill. The steering wheel badges seems a little more difficult however I have read the DIY for that too. Take the horn fuss out and patiently take it off.

Next I plan on ordering the VG Mark II shark fin antenna, which I have no questions about since most of you seem pretty happy with VG.

I have also been looking into blue molding to put around the speakers/dash and what not. see below. Korean Auto Imports

My question is how reliable is Korean Auto Imports? Anyone order from them? And how much molding would I be looking at? 10M seems to much but I don't want to run out halfway through the project. Also, how easy was it to apply, just place and stick?

Lastly I am looking to lower my car. I plan to go to a local shop and ask them about it. I'm just wondering if I should buy the springs and have them install or what? What springs, how much lower can it ride, etc...? (I am clueless on this topic). How much will springs and installation roughly run me? Or if I go to a garage with no springs what will the prices look like?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated, thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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