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I would definitely give this thing a miss.

I live in China and I have just been in the market for my Forte in the last week or two here in Dongguan area. I have seen this unit at the dealer as they offer it as an upgrade and also in the last 24 hours I have been down to the auto parts market in Liaobu a few times and its down there in all the audio shops as well. I have played with it and it most definitely is an el cheapo Chinese operating system that has been converted to english. This means the fonts on the screen are rubbish, the useability in the menus has plenty of lag (Touch the screen to engage a function and it only does what you have asked a second later) and the overall menu structure and screens, logos, colour scheme, themes etc are really boring, VERY basic and also typically tacky, gawdy etc. There is no way its even approaching the level of quality or useability you would get on a double DIN Alpine, an APple iPod interface etc.

Forget whether its good value or not. even if it was 100 bucks you would still get upset with it and throw it out for not being any good after 24 hours of use in your car.

Take blackwatch's advice. Go for a mainstream brand. You have just spent 25k or so on your Koup, 1000 on a decent head unit compared to a 500 dollar piece of crap is going to be money well spent.

I just wish I could do the same, I cant for the life of me find A: A dash kit to convert the base model China Koup into a DIN or double DIN provision (and the base model radio fascia here is different to the higher level model's dash, which is also different again to the base model head unit in the US model, so I doubt a dash kit will be coming any time soon). And B: I cant be sure any of the mainstream brands are going to interface well with the steering wheel controls.

So for me, I'm stuck with the stock head unit (which I actually dont mind, considering functionally is everything I want from a head unit, USB etc) so that means I am going the Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty.2 route. I am actually looking forward to this as a bit of a project.

Sorry for hijacking and making it all about me. Again, to answer your question, I would give this thing you are looking at a miss due to quality, useability, functionality etc. You get what you pay for.
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