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aFe Takeda Stage 2

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Just pulled the trigger on a aFe Takeda Stage 2 CAI from Caleb over at Panda Motorworks. Saw an old post about the sale they had a couple months back and messaged him to ask if he knew when the next sale would be. He didn't, but he went above and beyond and cut me a deal he didn't have to cause I was looking for either a next sale or right now type of thing. Looking forward to the install and having it on. I think the biggest bonus from it is getting rid of all the 90 degree bends in the stock intake gear but i could be way off. Anybody have one of these and can tell me what I should expect as far as once it's on the car? Is it worth it to invest in the big mouth too? Does the big mouth make a noticeable difference? Thanks guys. Appreciate all the info I've already gained from being a part of this group.
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Kudos to Caleb @Panda Motorworks.

I enjoyed my Stage 2 and big mouth intakes and feel they provided more power (especially getting rid of the small "3 X 90-degree-bends" tube before the filter box). Be warned that with the big mouth intake your air filter will get DIRTY faster AND with the stage 2 intake your hood insulator will get dirty too. Because of this I went to the Stage 1 intake to cut down on the dirty hood insulator. The big mouth increases the air pressure into the filter box and the sand/dust will get blown up into the insulator.

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