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BCKoupe: I have a Clarion NX500 7 inch double din navigation head unit in my koup. It has EVERYthing built into it. Has 12 million POI's, nav, HD and Sat radio ready, aux, backup camera input, etc. With the steering wheel controls, I had to buy a seperate adapter for them to work BUT only the top portion of the steering wheel works (volume, mode, mute, and obv still cruise control) while the 3 buttons for the bluetooth DONT work. I just use the bluetooth through my screen, not a big deal.

Sat radio needs an outside piece but can be hidden very easily and isnt very expensive.

My USB and Aux connections that are in the car from factory no longer work BUT my headunit has both USB AND Aux connections to make up for that.

I would recommend this head unit to anyone and has a nice UI. It also has A2DP bluetooth which is connecting your bluetooth capable phone to it and listening to music through the car speakers via bluetooth (i.e. listening to pandora on iphone with iphone in your pocket) Hope this helps man!
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