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Getting ready to swap out all speakers and add a subwoofer into my Koup, and add amps as well. I was suggested by the dealer who is going to install everything to possibly put in a new head unit as the wiring for the amps is easier and may be cleaner sound without going for a nice LOC (as others have done in the forum).
My questions are as follows:
1. Steering controls - Do I lose the Bluetooth steering control options if the after market H/U has built-in Bluetooth?
2. Sat Radio - Is the receiver built-into the headunit, or an outside piece? When installing aftermarket H/U that are Sat ready, you need to buy the receiver add-on and antenna. But if this is installed in the Koup and can attach to an aftermarket H/U, that would be great.
3. USB and Aux connectors - Are the connectors in the car for the USB and Aux just plug-ins on the back of the OEM H/U? Or are they built-in and not able to be used after replacing with an aftermarket H/U?
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