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Good point good post. But in the case of the CAI's on the Forte it could be construed that adding the CAI to this particular model of car, without including the cooling feature of the the intake airbox on the ECU . You have infact changed the function of the intake / ecu cooling system from the way the manufacture has designed it . If the ECU fails, due to overheating,the warnanty of the ECU may not be covered ..In my opinion only it was designed the way it is for space saving . But then discovered ,that it's such a confined space could the ecu overheat? well maybe, ok so lets stick part of it in the airbox so it can't have any problems..I think putting part of the ECU into the airbox was an after thought of the designers. So far we (forum readers) have not heard of any problems with the ECU overheating..

I say install you CAI .Enjoy your ride if the ECU fails then deal with the problem.:D
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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