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Afternarket head unit

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OK I'm throwing in the towel. I've been trying to upgrade my 2017 sedan from a stock radio to an oem factory touchscreen. After 5 weeks I've decided it's just not happening. Can someone recommend a reasonably priced aftermarket unit. I'm looking for touchscreen, android auto, steering wheel controls, Bluetooth, backup camera. Voice commands, ability to use my factory usb port
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So did your steering wheel controls and camera work without having to use the Metra harness?
Yes everything worked with the exception of the camera but that's only because I forgot to install the step down converter from 12 volts to 6 volts I have it I just forgot to put it in so I'm going to pull the stereo back out and put it in probably tomorrow but the steering wheel controls do work they just need to be programmed everything works
Nice, was actually surprised at that. Get back to us on the Camera.. have seen these before from Seicane and was wondering if they actually worked.
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