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Even though there are service manuals.....we still have good old common sense. Now I cut my wheels in on the side I want to change...pop 3 plastic fasteners....shove the piece off crap fender liner that doesn't fit right anyhow out of the way. I've tried 3 different wattages for my fogs and like the 37.5 watt bulbs the best....not too dull....not overly bright....just right !!! :D

Now...I can see hex bolt screws at the bottom and top of the light housing.....are these the adjustment screws...??? Or do they just fasten the whole assembly to the inside of the bumper....??? I seem to remember reading somewhere that there was at least one vertical adjustment screw for the fogs...I may be wrong, but my right fog is noticably lower that the left side...or maybe the left is actually too high...can't find aiming specs.
Now does anyone out there know anything more about this...??? :rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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