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All star kia San Bernardino 8-14-10

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all star wants to hold a meet, its set for the 8-14 the'll clear part of the lot to acomadate us. need a good count on whos going will see if they'll hold a barqcue and maybe get some music.

735 Showcase Dr. North
San Bernardino, CA 92408
offroadsocal (and DAD) ???
hodgesm ???
Rio_2002 going
virgo26m ???
HaddyTech ???
Brainsperm ???
arkaneinc ???
reggie2xtreme ???
q270gt(maybe) ???

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I'll be there! BTW, welcome to ForteForums! :D
offroadsocal (and DAD) ??
hodgesm going
Rio_2002 going
virgo26m Maybe
HaddyTech ???
Brainsperm not going
arkaneinc Going
reggie2xtreme Going

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So any one else going to these?
I totally might just go.

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Rio_2002 - "ok talked to mike there going to make this a BIG DEAL, this will be a grand opening event on this day.! so this WILL be HUGH!!!!!"

we have also contacted a soul forum
count me in....
this is what i have so far
hodgesm going
Rio_2002 going
virgo26m going
HaddyTech maybe
Brainsperm isnt going
arkaneinc going with 2 cars
reggie2xtreme going
q270gt not going

Dvipercop going
anthonydv07 going
YL_groper going

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I will see what my schedule is like and see if I can make it.
Sure thing! Same place? Say around 0830? I was planning on getting there when it starts this time, since it is a grand opening event.
ok heres an update and it's all not that great of news i sent him a finiel count email eariler in the week and i get this today.

Good morning,
I just got to work and read your email, I wish we would have had the chance to speak more in depth about you guys getting together as I havent put anything in place. You guys can totaly get together here however when we last spoke you told me there was another meet happening on the 14th and there was some talk about doing it in October and such so I said to just let me know. I havent seen any updates in the Kia Forum since July 24th so I was under the impression you guys werent planning on a get together here at AllStar. Not having a firm plan for a Kia owners meet on the 14th we went ahead and set up our Grand Opening celebration for Wednesday the 25th when we will be giving away a new Kia and hosting many local business and community personel here along with some media to cover it. As I said we can still clear some space for you guys to park and hang out but I wont be able to have any music, food etc for you. I do apologize, perhaps I should have reached out to you and get a firm idea of what was or wasnt going on. When I read that the Irvine get together has been canceled I offered our facility as a option so as to not have to cancel your meet altogether and would still like to help we just have to have better lines of communication in the future, please le me know about tomorrow so I can do my best to accomidate you guys and your vehicles. Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

i'll show up around 945ish but im not expecting any one to show up after this post.
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ok i talked to a few sk members were still going to show up then hang out for a bit then for to lunch somewhere. make it a meet and greet.
Well damn, that sucks. I'm going to just head to the Nisei car show in LA then.
yea thats fine im going to end up working on the house or something
I'm out... going to a Huge car show tomorrow in Whittier, whole street is closed off
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