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All washingtonians and oregonians!!

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so on weve finally made a meet up! we have the date..but were still debating on a place tho! its either gonna be in centralia or vancouver :) heres the facebook link..hope to see u there! this is for all kias and hyundais!
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Looking forward to it, be my first meet with the Forte, spread the word!;)
Let's get a UKE chapter going out there! Pm me for details!
Little bit of a drive for me but I'll probably go.
@d113-will do
@subtle- we got a few coming from oregon and one coming from salem to =) mabey u can meet up with them and y'all can cruise up here together =D
So its official! May 21st at millersylvania park in centralia meet and bbq and photos1
Two hour drive for me, not that bad. I'll mark it on my calender.
Good stuff..wegot another comming from portland and one from salem if you guys wanna meet up and cruise to the spot?
Can't make it, staying the night at a casino for a friends birthday. Definitely trying to go to a few this summer though. Have fun!
Ok, I changed my mind, I'm gonna come. It's gonna be a two hour drive there, a two hour drive back, and then a two hour drive to Spirit Mountain but it will all be fun and worth it. DarthRaider, you said there's a guy from Salem and a guy from Portland coming up? Yeah, I'll try and meet up with them.
Hey Subtle,real glad your coming this meet should be the start of more to come. Check out the Washington/ Oregan meet under "Sk local chapter meets" on, there's a couple guys there comin from Oregon, plus, don't feel bad I have a 3 hour drive each way, longest drive yet in the Forte.
1 week left.....!!!
Ya really glad u can make it subtle =D this meet is going to be fantastic I can already tell =)
Subtle u can still make it right?
Me, my girl and a buddy with a modded out Kia Rio are gonna be coming up. Leaving around 8AM so we can get there around 10AM. I'll send you a PM with my phone number in case you need to text or call.
The meet went great yesterday and the weather cooperated as best as you could expect for us being in the NorthWest. I got tons of photos to upload but I just got home so I'll get them up tonight or tomorrow morning.
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