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Hello hello, I wanted to to hi to everyone and get some idea and thoughts on the tinkering I've been doing to my Cerato. I've been slowly building up my hatch that also happens to be my daily driver. Unfortunately I didn't get the GT as I was given an awesome deal on the Sport + (hopefully I won't regret that).
But saying that I probably less worried about stuffing things up as much. My plan is to try and keep it legal in terms of specs. I won't be touching the engine until. I get bored seven years from now and swap it out for a Hyundai N unit.
So of the benefits I have found being downunder. Is quick access to new mods rolling out of Asia.

So far I have installed the following;

  • Rims: Stock 17"
  • Tires: Stock Nexen
Comfort & Convenience
  • Cargo net
  • Boot liner
  • Rain guard (installing maybe this weekend)
Interior Cosmetics
  • Vinyl wrapped over gloss black trim with VVivid 2020 edition Forged black Composite carbon
  • Wrapped door pockets, glove comparment with VVivid Matte Felt
  • Wrapped the centre console in vvivid gloss white
Exterior Cosmetics
  • 25% ceramic window tint
  • Side skirt paint gloss black
  • Vinyl wrapped gloss black: side mirrors, roof, grill and hood protector.
  • Vinyl wrapped lower interior doors
  • VVivid Hex Smoked taillights
  • VVivid Smoked rear signal lights, reverse lights
  • Changed to a gloss black Kidney Grill (still don't know how I feel about it)

  • All interior/some exterior bulbs replaced with Iilumo LED's (main interior, signal, trunk, interior, license plate, reverse, dome, map, vanity glove box, ect)
  • Fog lights replaced with Stedi Led bulbs
  • Replacement of front indicators with daytime running units
  • Switched Headlights to LED
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What's on the to do list
  • New wheels (thinking 19")
  • Flow Design body parts (diffuser and front lip, maybe wing)
  • Xforce exhaust
  • lowering springs or Coilovers
  • Change the multimedia screen to the new 8in with wireless carplay or if possible jerry-rig in the new 10.25 in.
Tire Wheel Sky Car Cloud

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