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Any good places to get my calipers painted in toronto?

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looking to get some paintwork on the calipers, possibly badging too if they could. any recommendations and ballpark pricing? probably wont happen until summer or at least until there is no snow. will snow affect the paint job at all?
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when/where is the next meet? ill try and make it out. i have a black sx-r, with these black wheels with a red trim, and since my interior is like that as well, i decided to keep that theme for the calipers. so either black calipers with red brackets, or red calipers with black brackets. any suggestions?

as for the badging, im still on the lookout for a nice badge, not really into the star wars or decepticon badges, and thats the only ones ive really seen. anyone know any others? preferably black and/or red.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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