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Just curious. Im doing the math right now on parts already available to help reduce the Koups base weight.

Stock Weight: 2875 Automatic (The 2011 Forte Koup is supposed to weigh less, lighter transmission)

Wheels Stock: 26lbs x4= 104lbs
VOLK TE37: 15lbs/18in (I believe) x4= 60lbs
Reduced Weight: 44lbs

Weight of Koup after weight reduction: 2831lbs

Hood Stock: 35lbs
CF Hood: 19lbs
Reduced Weight: 16lbs

Weight of Koup after weight reduction: 2859lbs
Weight Reduction Total: 2815lbs

Trunk Stock: ?
CF Trunk: ?

Fenders Stock: ?
CF Fenders: ?

Front Seats Stock: ?
Front Aftermarket Seats: ? (Im liking the Recaro Sportster CS Seat)

Rear Seats Stock: ?
Rear Seats Removed: ?

Spare Tire:
Spare Tire Removed: ?

Jack: ?
Jack Removed: ?

Trunk Carpet: ?
Trunk Carpet Removed: ?

I dont own a Koup yet, Im waiting until the 2011 comes out. Therefore, I dont know how much the seats (Back and Front), Trunk, Fenders, Spare Tire, Jack,etc. weigh.

Feel free to add the weight of any of these listed. :) I think its possible to get the koup down to somewhere around 2550lbs with the above parts listed taken out and or replaced with lighter aftermarket parts.

I do realize that weight will be added on with suspension parts, engine performance parts,etc. But I am curious to know just how light the Koup can get (comfortably, meaning daily driver/ fun toy) before adding any suspension or performance.

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I owned a 08 G5 GT and its stock weight was right around 3100. It pretty much had the same amount of power as the Koup. I took out the back seats, spare tire, jack, and the trunk carpet and the car then weighed around 2950. The car ran a 16 flat stock in the 1/4 mile with everything in it. Having taken all of that out I ran a 15.8.

As you can see the car weighed only slightly less than the Koup did stock. I never got a chance to add a CF hood and CF trunk and fenders. My cars best time in the 1/4 mile was a 14.8 with bolt ons, tune, suspension work, etc.

I believe the Koup will beat that with the same level of upgrades. Especially when it comes out with the 6 speed auto.

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I saw a website that had pictures of a spoiler that was attached to a forte truck that was carbon fiber (or maybe just wrapped??)...anyways if I can dig it up I'll give you the link. Maybe you could e-mail them and find out where from
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