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Anyone else's Horn stop working?

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About 3 weeks ago my horn just stopped working, and it's never worked since.

I'm finally going to get it fixed and while it's there will also get the 4 speed re-programming done.

So what about everyone here, any problems with the horn?
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My horn never worked to begin with hahaha
my car came with a defective one
My horn never worked to begin with hahaha
my car came with a defective one
Did it ever work, or was it just dead from the day you bought it?
worked like 2-3 times lol literally
same... i hit a deer a few weeks ago and thought the shop may have done something because i never heard of that problem...guess its somewhat common
Typically one of two scenarios: A is water gets in (even a little blowing snow) and will freeze the diaphragm and crack it. Horn will wheeze at best, usually just quits. Option B is the clock spring in the steering wheel has an 'open' in it. Also presents as cruise won't work, or air bag light is on. Either way, easy to diag and really easy to repair.
Hmm,..I've never tried mine haha i probably should!
I've had the same problem, my problem was water was getting to the connections on the horn, I wanted to buy a new horn anyways since the koup has a pretty wimpy horn, so I bought a wolo badboy air horn and sealed up the connections with some electrical tape so water couldn't seep in and I haven't had any problems since!

Since the day i got mine, almost a year ago, it will work in warm weather, but below 45 it doesnt, unless ive been driving for a while and it warms it up a lot. never took it to the dealer. probably should.
when i first got the koup, i never really checked the horn. i just noticed that when i locked my car, i just heard the doors lock thats it. i just assumed the car didnt beep when locked.

3 weeks later, i realized i never tried my horn, so after watching Avatar the second time around in theaters, i tried the horn and nothing happened

long story short, i went to kia, they couldnt "fix" it and ordered the part, when i drove off the lot the horn worked lol and has been working since
Mine sometimes sounds funny in the rain, but than again all my friends say i have the "gayest" horn.
If you want gay horn, listen to a 1998 Mazda Protege horn lol
I've had the car for over a month now, and I don't think I've ever tried the horn... hmm
Car is at a Kia dealership right now, they looked at everything and to my surprise(!) they said it's pretty common so they keep horns in stock for replacement.

They also said they will re-flash the transmission ECU for the hesitation in 3rd gear and going to look at the check engine codes I have been getting.

So far the verdict is: Best warranty and dealership service I've gotten in years!
Hmm I wonder if there is problem with my horn, I hit it the other day and no noise came out. I just figured that I had not hit it hard enough, tried it just a minute later and it worked. Oh well, this will be something for me to watch out for...
So they fixed everything and the car is perfect now. Turns out the check engine light was fixed by an engine ECU re-flash, so anyone getting those might want to bring it in for the newest ECU version.
i didnt have a horn assembly.... wtf is that....
haha I think im just going to go ahead and install a train horn and call it a day
Didn't have a horn assembly?? wtf indeed!
Do we all need a trans re-flash for the hesitation? I have not really noticed it in mine but Ive only had it one week.
I hate the way the horn sounds anyway but I've only heard it when I press the lock button twice on the keyless entry. I need to check out BIGE's thread and replace it with one with some baritone to it.
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