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ZEC / Zenesis Electronics Corporation

based on the feature list of what it can do
(plus the handy thru the glass keypad)
this is one that i am seriously looking at-
ability to start the car (would be nice to crank the car up while still inside at work and get the ac running- also the ability to remotely drop the windows)

for folks in cold regions- you can actually set it up to turn on and run for X amount of time every Y hours........

the key fob shows you what zones are triggered when the alarm goes off before you even get to the car

inside temp guage that you can remotely monitor

you can set key fob to vibrate so you know when your alarm goes off.

you can set up the passive locking/alarming (with a reminder chirp/flash)

turbo timer for when you do that big upgrade

ability for a buddy to remote page you from the car to your key fob

and on and on- read the pdf for ver 2.......
and from what i've seen around online- the system runs about 300 dollars
(of course- i gotta find an installer)

sure would like any feedback/experiences anyone has had with this brand..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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