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Poor Double D's has been super busy since getting back from the Tri-State, but he finally had a chance to post some pictures. I'm going to post a bunch..

The Canadians on there way to the border.

Leaving the cold north makes us a bit Randy..

First In Canada Matte Grey Koup?

We've Arrived! Look at these sexy biaches..

Someone has a boner back there looking at those Rims..

OrangeCrush's Bonerific Rimz..

Anyone want a ride in this turbo monster. Let me clean out the jizz from the last mofo..

Are you fancy Unggh..

Are you fancy Ungghhhhhh..

I like me some ass

unngghhhhh i love me some white stuff



HIS & HER UKE T-Shirts.. THAT's How we do it SON!!

JSINCERE Making this Look Goooooooooooooooooooooood.

It's Joe CHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeickets..


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I have to walk this way to keep my pants on.. McOreo

I drove 2 1/2 hours for this?!?! WanderSX

Yeah Son!

Turbo like a Boss!

Straight Pipe Bitches

Rollin Thunder..

McLooking Good.

Ohhhh snnnaaaaaap Ignite making this meet his bitch..

WanderSX in his dirty Car.

The one and only Killed in Action... Hiding in his car..

Koupedout all pimped out..

Garage Shot?!

And the one and only super dood of the day.. D113.. Thanks again Darryl!


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The Matte Grey Koup is NordicWagon & NordicChick's.. The LED's i think you are talking about are the VLED Switchbacks. He also has HID Fogs.. Will see if we can get some more shots posted. Its a thing of beauty really.

Also NordicWagon hasn't posted his pics yet.. but he probably got some sweet shots too.

McOreo has the SXR front lip.. and it is wrapped in CF..
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