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Audi Style Headlights

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Just wondering which colored wires/which set of headlight lights everyone tapped into to connect your strip?

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i think its pink and blue my friend. its your parking lights
use a multi meter to test and find out.
I don't have one lol. I tested it out last night in the parking light connectors, do any of you have problems when the signal lights are on? The ticking is really fast (like if you replaced a led signal light without changing the flasher) Did you guys buy a new flasher? or will it go back to normal when I install it and tap into the parking light wires?
PS: I am doing mine Aidensgrad's style. I love the look of it. Can't wait for a sunny day to install them.
Aidensgrand has started a new trend. I installed led strip on top of headlight also,I think it looks great and different from Audi style.
Thanks for the idea!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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