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Audi style LED strips ( for members who are planning to install them )(Pics included)

Hi ,

With this topic attached pictures for different places of the LEDS on the headlihts , mine are LEDGLOW's , I didnot fix them yet , I know there's another topic that discusses the same thing but I'm planning to post a video soon as well and PLEASE if you want to ask anything before I set them or you have a certain design for them in your mind , share and I'll see if I can fix them for you to see how they will look before you buy them :)


Q - From 1-10 how would you rate the lighting of them

A - about 8 ( they're like dots of Xenon and look extremely gr8 at nite )

Q - What came in the box

A - as far as I remember , the 2 LED strips + manuals

Q - Do they come with their own switch

A - no , but its easy to make a switch for them if you donot want them to be on with the headlights

Q - Why at the picture when you placed them at the bottom of the headlight they looked weird ?

A - thats actually my mistake because I placed the lights inward not outwards :$

Q - If I turned them on alone will I be able to see in a very dark place

A - Not so much , no remember these arenot big Xenon lights , its a very thin strip

If you got any other question please be my guest :)


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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