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Audio Upgrade on Factory HUD Help.

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Audio Upgrade on Factory HU Help.

Can anyone help me with this? I'm sorta confused on what I need to buy and how to hook it up. So far I understand that I need a LOC. Right now I'm looking at the AudioControl LC6i, a pair of comp sets for the front, and set of coax for the rear, an amp to run the highs, 2 decent subs probably around 10", and an amp to run the bass.

My uncle (who is a basshead) is telling me I don't need the AudioControl LC6i. But reading in the forum, it seems like it's a necessity if I want really good quality sound.

I'm also confused as to how to hook up the AudioControl LC6i. Do I connect the factory HU to the LC6i then connect that to the high and low amps. Then connect those to there respective speakers?

Also, is there any kind of wiring diagram out yet?

PS- Don't feel like bringing it to a sound shop when I have an uncle who can help me hook it up =)

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The advantage of a good quality loc is this:

-better and cleaner output voltage than a passive one.
-some have options for eliminating any engine noise. (lifting ground,filtering)
-attenuation control for individual sets of speakers all in one unit.
-bass knob options / boost or attenuation

my cache coe6 has a knob that controls the bass attenuation (not boost) so i can practically pull the subs out all together.
Some amps also offer knobs for boost (my JL slashes do) so I can give some extra juice!

As for wiring, if you are in the us you cam sign up for KGIS and naivgate your way to the electrical section and get the pinout at the back of the deck.

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Thanks for the info. Any input on the hooking up the LOC? Like the one in my comment, am I correct on how to hook it up?

Download the manual from AC's site !
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