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Aussie Cerato/Forte

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:) A few pics of my Cerato/Forte from Australia


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Looking good! I almost went white....but couldn't pass up the deal I was offered on the Bronze

Have any old Aussie licence plates laying around you would like to give/sell to a Yankee?
are aussie plates shorter then european plates?

Also I want the plate backing so I dont have to have my plate on the bumper directly.
Sorry mate,don't have any old plates lying around the place.
Yes a standard plate here is shorter than a euro type,although you can order a custom made euro plate at a cost of around $700,somewhat of a rip off.

The backing plates come as standard equipment
very nice!! good to see another Australian opting for the 5-door. I'm from SA only seen one other hatch on the road..
Cerato Hatch

Matter of fact, i'm in Melbourne and i've only ever seen one other on the road,obviously not a great seller,plenty of sedans around though.
I personally think the hatch looks better but heres' hoping that it remains a rare sight! when its time to trade up it might help-or not! but the same goes the the previous cerato hatch I hardly see those...
I just bought a Koup. Waiting to pick it up though, I did however check out both the sedan and the hatch too, much prefered the sedan.

However, nice car mate, nice to see more kia's on our roads
Nice cab :)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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