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Auto Insurance suggestion/info

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I ran into the issue of much higher car insurance when my wife and I got a 2011 forte koup sx. Our insurance went from 120 to 180 a month, even with much less coverage with the new car. I contacted my insurance company and they openly admitted to being much higher on Kias. My insurance company happened to be progressive and was much cheaper with everything else up to this point. I checked out state farm and it was 300 a month with the same coverage with progressive. Keep in mind this is without any tickets and only being faulted for 1 accident ever. I then checked out geico, and took us back down to 130 a month for higher coverage than even before the car switch. Just something to keep in mind for those looking to save a few dollars.
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I hate seeing all you with such low insurance rates!!

Try paying $243/month. Only one speeding ticket from 10km/h over which will be gone from my record this coming September. I think I was quoted without the speeding ticket at $180/month (once it drops from my record). Damn high ass premiums in Ontario!! I hate this province sometimes.
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