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Auto Insurance suggestion/info

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I ran into the issue of much higher car insurance when my wife and I got a 2011 forte koup sx. Our insurance went from 120 to 180 a month, even with much less coverage with the new car. I contacted my insurance company and they openly admitted to being much higher on Kias. My insurance company happened to be progressive and was much cheaper with everything else up to this point. I checked out state farm and it was 300 a month with the same coverage with progressive. Keep in mind this is without any tickets and only being faulted for 1 accident ever. I then checked out geico, and took us back down to 130 a month for higher coverage than even before the car switch. Just something to keep in mind for those looking to save a few dollars.
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Hmm, I wonder why there's such a difference between our rates. I have Progressive, one ticket (drops off in a couple months, woot!), and am not married but I only pay $93. Maybe location is a big factor? Dont know...
Location can be a factor but also age, credit history, etc. Many other things to consider. Don't get me started on credit history... _all_ states should make this illegal.

As far as rates being lower from one company to another, one thing to also consider (but it's never done and not very practical) is that some policies are modified more then others to exclude certain thinks. This needs to be approved by the state so its limited, but it's done. Chances are you will never have a claim for one of these differences but they do exist. But who every gets a copy of the policy from the company for review before they buy the insurance? I've never heard of it being done.
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