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Automatic Shifting Problems

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I just purchaced my first KIA, FORTE. Great car so far except for a minor, intermitted shifting problem. Whe car is up to normal temp, driving for at least a half hour, the 2-3 & 3-4 upshift hits hard, slight engine RPM surge. This has happened about 10 times.
It has been doing it since new. Now has 1500 miles on it. Dealer says they will check it out on our first service.
Has any one else having this problem?:(
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Oh! Has antone noticed the car start to perform better as they drive it?
I have 740klms on it now, and it seems to get peppier everyday.
Think i'm just getting more accustom to it?
Hey Kyle,

I have absolutely noticed this. I've got about 800 miles on my EX with ECO and every day it's running smoother with more pep. These cars seem to have a short 1st gear with a big leap if your not careful. I'm noticing the power more in upper gears now that was not there initially, bound to be just breaking in.

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