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I'm sure plenty of you have painted your calipers and they look great....for about 2 months. Then the paint starts to chip off and you have to spend a whole day re-painting them just so the look nice for another 2 months. I found a sulotion!

When I used to work in an auto parts store back in the day I remembered a special paint called POR15. it's made for under carriage painting. This stuff worked great. NEVER chipped, was flexabe and lasts for ever. It's so good that on the can it actually says "do not get on skin, only time will remove the paint" which means you spill any on you, you're screwed for about a month.

I emailed the company the other day to see if they had a special paint for calipers and they have a kit. It runs you about $47 plus shipping. I emailed them back to ask how durable it is and if it ever chips or fads and my reply was pretty much like this....

"our brake caliper paint is used by automtive and performance brake companies around the world. Due to legal issues I am not allowed to name the specific companies, but we sell thousands of barrels of our red paint monthly. The paint won't chip, rust, fade, or weather."

I'm sold!!! lol the kit comes with cleaner, prep, paint, gloves and brushes.
Pretty much every color is available! For a little under $50 it's worth it. I just ordered mine today so when I finally get it I'll let you all know how it comes out. Check out the website, and look under complete kits if you're interested. And NO I'm not getting paid for this, I just informing you all of a new find!

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I will have to check that out too. I painted my calipers before. I decided to go thr spray can engine enamel route, which was definitely a pain taking, marking everything off so it did not get sprayed. That stuff worked pretty well. Not as good as this stuff I am sure, but better than the kits you buy at advance or auto zone.
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