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Seriously Ark is the worst sounding exhaust of the bunch. It sounds like the old days with the Civics from Fast & the Furious. It's seriously a kid's kit. Bumble bees in a fart can.

Personally I like both the Solo kit and the TK kit. Solo's kit has the edge in price. ALSO both Solo and TK support our forums & were the first to produce something for our car on this side of the pond. Not to mention both these companies play clean and are just selling a quality product.

Ark on the other hand won't pay to advertise, came on the forums with plants to bash other products. If your product was good just show us it's good and let the people decide. I'm sure there's still more plants to be found.

The 7ism kit sounds pretty wicked too but it won't fit. Those dual outlets are ballin'.
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