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Big day for my Kia, with pics.

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It had been neglected the last 3 months while my other cars took priority. It got to the point where it was embarrassing to drive with all the squeaks and blown downpipe gasket, and of course filthy dirty.
First step was to do the Downpipe gasket, I can do it from start to finish in 20 minutes roughly, new gasket and new nuts. I also did an oil change, I found the Mobil 1 Truck&SUV oil seems to take well to the abuse.
Second step was to swap out the squeaky rusted worn out whiteline endlinks. These have about 25k miles on them and are dead-dead. Im very disappointed with whit lines wear items I mean it’s a stock swaybar!, This time around I’m trying Spulen endlinks, The whiteline Springs and swaybar seem to be fine. Then I went for the exterior detail, a good scrub and a few hours trying to hand polish out piano black wheels is miserable, alcohol helps.. the car seems happy. I will test drive tomorrow. here’s a few pics.
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Awesome wheels bro! 😍 I wish I would have one someday.
Thank you. They are stock Veloster N wheels. Most Veloster owners sell them off to get a lighter more performance oriented wheel. Plus there is a Hyundai warranty on them for defective coatings (that’s how I got mine) so they are plentiful and not in high demand.
It'd be great if you share with me where to get same wheels for reasonable price.
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