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Black 2018 Forte LX+

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Hey folks..
Just purchased a brand new Forte, and although I am no stranger to modding and such, I have struggled so far to find much for the Kia Forte.
I have started to looked at black out badges for the front and back - which are 3M stickers from Ebay. Are there any other options? Would love to buy dark bezel front headlamps if they exist.

I would love to get the car all black when possible, but at this point, I am brand new to the forums and I can't view photos until I have a post count of 10 or higher, so I thought it best to start here.

Appreciate all the possible links and feedback you can supply. Thanks!

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NovaResource - Thanks. I have noticed a bunch of their posts around parts of the site. but most of the threads were from a while back and didn't want to assume anything. Will have a gander though.
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