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i had a black focus and it was tough to keep clean but it was worth it man.

my advice is go by a clay bar or one of those small little containers of clay that come with a pad and wax it yourself. you'll never get a clean and streak free car going to a place where ppl clean your car for you because they could care less. their mentality is "lets get these cars in and out as fast as we can because there's a line". the little tub might be 5.99 and you can wax it yourself(take maybe an hour) and that way you know its clean. i never take it somewhere to get it cleaned. last time i did that, i got a 2 1/2 foot scratch on the passenger side door in my old 06 mazda6. they paid the expenses but that doors paint never matched the rest of the car.

bottome line, its cheaper to just do it yourself. and yes the pollen count is ridiculous and i find myself taking a slightly damp MF towel and wiping over the car.

good luck with your choice man!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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