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Nice reflection!

In Tampa the pollen was bad too. Thank god it's about over. I just don't understand why anyone in their right mind who lives in FL would get a BLACK car in our FL sun! I think that's just insane, it's just too HOT and the heat has started all over again. I missed having a white car in between my last few. My new Forte is white and I'm sooooo glad with the heat here. Black is pretty if you can keep up with the washing and waxing. I wash my car all the time and black would drive me crazy. Everything that gets on it you see.
Agree 200%. I'm just North of Tampa and used to have a black car. Every time I opened the door, it felt like I was opening an oven. A/C had to work overtime too. Decided to go with a white forte and noticed it is WAY cooler. 20% tint all around and I think the contrast looks nice.

Now I just need rims.. but that wont be for a while.
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