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Black out tailights and emblem removal... HELP!!!

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My Fiance bought me me all fo the emblems to replace the Kia symbols for Christmas!! He also bought the new center caps for the wheels too.

Does he need to take the wheels off of the car to replace?

How easy was it to replace the KIA symbols? Do we need to take the grill off?

I really want to black out my tail lights. What do I need to do to make this happen? Do you buy covers? Any idea on where to order?

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If you go to Rvinyl Head Light Tint, Taillight Tint, Window Tint, Dash Kit they have some pretty nice looking headlight and taillight tints. Might be worth checking them out, I'm thinking of getting my headlights done by them.
I don't know about the center caps, but the logos are held on by double stick tape so heat is required to loosen up the adhesive. Sun is cheapest and you have plenty there in Fla. I've used a guitar pick to get underneath the logo and then gently prise it up. Wax the area afterwards to clean up any remaining adhesive. Debadging DIYs are around the nets, here's one:

DIY Project #10

For smoke out stuff, this place has a great selection of headlight and tail light items: Kia Lighting Protection Kits
I was able to find anything on tail lights tho as there are 17 pages! So call them and see, I doubt it's a problem.
from my understanding the front is adhesive and the rear is bolted and uses adhesive.

I usually use a heat gun.
Thanks everyone! Wish me luck.
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