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Black plastic thing

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I opened up my glove box the other day and noticed something I hadn't seen before. Under my window sticker I noticed a black plastic thing that is still in the clear plastic bag. Anyone know what that is for?
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Perhaps it is the front license plate holder? or one of those plate covers for dealer advertisement.
I finally took the time to take it out of the plastic and the back of it says fr bpr license plate so I guess Rez was right. Thanks guys.
OK cool. I think the front license plate holder is kinda cheesy.
If you look at the center of the front bumper you will see two small holes in it - DO NOT drill those holes out to install the plate holder or a license plate. If you look at the plastic plate you will see two pins that stick out the back of the plate -- those pins go into the holes in the bumper to use the plate as a template -- you then use the screw holes in the plate to locate where the screw holes go into the bumper.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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