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Does anyone have any experience with these aftermarket bluetooth kits ?
My wife has a B.Sky 1001A that attaches to and replaces the rear-view mirror . She doesn't use it since she bought the Forte and i would like to use it for my iphone in the Mustang or Lincoln . My wife isn't much help as the techs paired her phone for her when purchasing the phone and hands free kit .

Has anyone ever unpaired a phone from these things or know how to pair an iphone to one ? Multiple google searches failed to yield much help . Any help would be appreciated .

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here.. page 3 of google...

How to pair B.Sky devices with your mobile?
Prior to using the device for the first time you must pair with a Bluetooth enabled cell phone. The pairing procedure is different between models of cell phones. Please refer to the user manual of your cell phone for specifi c details on Bluetooth connectivity.

Turn on the device.
Activate your cell phone’s Bluetooth function. (Refer to the cell phone’s User Guide for instructions on Bluetooth).
Selec the B.Sky device from the cell phone’s device list to pair the device.
Enter the pass code 0000 to confirm the pairing process.
“paired” will shown in blue on the LCM display.
“Connected” will appear on the screen.
Note: If the cell phone’s and/or the device’s battery is weak, you may lose the Bluetooth connection. Maintain the charge of the batteries to ensure good Bluetooth connectivity.

Master reset for the 1001B.

1) Disconnect the cell phone and the device. Note that the previous calls will be deleted at the same time when disconnected.
2) Delete recently dialed numbers: search the number and press "Up" and "Down" button at the same time to delete the number.
3) Delete recorded message: press "REC" button twice quickly.

To remove Phonebook

Simply push the "talk" button for 8 seconds.

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yllrshark, i dont have experience with this bt device. but, i'm a gadget guy :) so i read their manual on us site & read the faq section on Canadian site. US site is for 1001B. features are similiar betwwen 1001A & 1001B. the reviews are pretty good & bluesky has won some awards. has some nice features. bluesky mentions that once cell phone is powered off & power has been removed from 1001A or 1001B it is unpaired. 1001A will store 200 contacts. to remove phonebook, Press & Hold Talk button for 8 sec.

iPhone is listed as compatable. if you know how to pair devices from youre phone's menu, bluesky should be the same. bluesky's password is 0000.

Faq: BlueSky

hope this helps, it looks kool.
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