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How to CORRECTLY change language for Bluetooth

There are some important things to know about changing the blue tooth language. First, you must have the radio on and the volume loud enough to hear. Second, press and hold the TALK button (lower right on steering wheel) for 10-15 seconds until the radio goes silent and the radio display reads, "PLEASE WAIT". Release the TALK button at this time. In a moment, the voice will speak in its currently set language, followed by an announcement that it is switching into another language (spoken in that new language). For example, you may hear French, followed in English by something like, "Changing language to English". To change the language again, repeat the same steps. Be sure radio is on with volume up and release the TALK button when the display reads, PLEASE WAIT. That should do it for you. Sign up for the Kia Tech site to get more specific help on things: Kia Global Information System (KGIS)
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