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I'm a noob to this bluetooth stuff. New car, new phone this past week kicking and screaming all the way from 1992. Really my cell phone was like 8 years old.

So anyway I got the bluetooth to work without to much trouble and it works well.

If I get in the car and start the car with my phone on and in my pocket it connects and works just fine.

If I use the Autostart let it run for bit then walk out to my car the phone will not work unless I stop and restart the car.

I tried to get it to connect yesterday after it was started with the remort start andI could not get it go no matter what I did. I had the thing so hosed up that I had to remove the bluetooth connection at the car and phone and start over.

Can anyone help this 40+ guy with his new fancy phone?


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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