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Body kit

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im not liking that big line that is there, but not bad overall, sort of reminds me as the koup
This kit is made by C&C in Singapore. They dont sell internationally...but Nigel from Radicar may be able to get it ...for a price.
looks good.... I rather have the KOUP front end
Yeah I wouldnt mind getting a koup from end
ok big news!!!! At 401 dixie kia the day of the meet we will be showcasing for the first time ever seen anywhere in the world....
the forte sedan body kit!!!!!!!!! It is still in production but kia canada has given us the first forte sedan prototype vehicle with bodykit installed,i will also be taking orders for these kits as well. (at a hugely discounted price) only avsilable in canada. But i will be shiping to u.s customers :)
The body kit for the Forte Sedan has been available since November 09.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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