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body kit

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anybody know where this body kit can be purchased?

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The Forte 5 door seen in the Youtube video is stock. There is no aftermarket body kit...

** Just took a second look, that is aftermarket. It's a very bland looking body kit but it is aftermarket. I honestly don't know where it's from, don't really pay much attention at all to the Forte 5 doors to be honest.
Trust me there is one there. I like it minimalistic.
That's the Dealer Installed OEM option kit. Any KIA dealer can get it for you. It's not cheap at all.
The shark fin makes it look like a fat kid.
I have the "ground effects kit", it's not bad, just changes the look a bit, the dealer bit the bullet and paid the $2000 cause I was specific about my car being blue and the only one they could find, had this kit on it, it was in PA( live in upstate, NY)
Thanx. I will see what i can low ball em. For.
Did you just get your SX with the tech package? Cuz my dealer said the only two available in the western region were in Cali and Washington. Just wonderin if you got the one they were talking about.
If your asking me, no, it didn't come with a tech package, mine is a 2010
No - I was asking drudog.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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