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Wow… talk about generalization, I don’t mean body-kits to that extreme (gosh no!!!!!)…seems like a y-generation thing. I wouldn’t mind a decent lip kit from xenon… be no different than what KIA in Canada is offering (if not better).

But even that is considered to be a “ricer”….

I guess people getting the CAI from turbo kits would be also be considered “ricers” since it’s adding a performance part to a non-performance vehicle, and that’s probably the #1 rice-y thing, a intake to make your engine bay look cool. Performance exhaust is also added this list… What about the emblems? That would also be considered lots of rice for your car (although more like hondy-ish)… OH NO!! the “ricer” people are taking over!!!!

I don't consider someone a ricer for putting in performance parts. I know my koup won't be the biggest dick on the block, but nothing wrong with giving it a little extra oopmfh :D

I've never owned a car that had a aftermarket community, this will be my first. So, I am looking forward to making modifications to the car when I have more money and what not. Not giant wings and terrible sounding exhausts, but I wouldn't mind a nice exhaust with a CAI. Maybe put in a turbo if they make one for it :p And this may get me called a ricer but I think the koup would look super sexy with vertical doors..
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