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Bought my Forte 5 SX last night! (Florida)

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Loaded with corsa blue exterior. Traded my MINI Cooper S Convertible for this Forte hatchback - needed more room for my 2 growing boys.

I wasn't keen on the color at first (none of the colors jumped out at me, actually) but I have since learned to love it. It looks very different in various lighting conditions. Always full of personality. :)

I've had it less than 24 hours (and I've been stuck at work for the last 7), so I'm still learning the features and anxious to get a handle on the technology.

Preliminary questions: What is the little round vent looking thing in front of my right knee, and what's the button on the left that looks like a rear window defroster (but I have one of those in the center cluster). :confused:


Happy to join your family!
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